15 comments on “Alan Nayes

    • I’m alway’s looking for new books / Authors to read. The Resurrection Trilogy sounds very interesting.

  1. Alan, hi!

    I just finished Girl Blue and enjoyed it immensely. In fact, I have a review I need to post over at Goodreads. Now I’m curious about the Resurrection Trilogy…

    Are you a full time writer, or do you have to balance a day job? Do you publish everything through Samhain? That’s how I found Girl Blue – I was over to snag Hunter Shea’s latest – and ended up picking up several books, including yours. 🙂 It was my lucky day.

    Lindsey, thanks for another great interview!

    • Hi HHW, thx for reading GIRL BLUE. It’s probably my most bizarre story. unfortunately i still have a day job, but am finding more time to write. GIRL BLUE is my only book through Samhain. I enjoy indie publishing but am happy with my experience with Samhain as well. thx for your comments.

      • GIRL BLUE is wonderful. I enjoy reading about artists, especially visual artists encountering the supernatural. Hence my enjoyment of the novel!

        It’s neat that you’ve tried both avenues (small press and indie). I find more and more authors making that sort of diversification. There’s power in having choice.

        As for the day job, yep – same here! I need to take a page from your book and make sure I find more time to write!

        -aniko, the HHW

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