12 comments on “Richard Fay

  1. Congrats on your publication Richard! Your story sounds like a good read. Lindsey you do a fabulous job interviewing!

  2. My son Rafael is a huge Tolkien fan. He writes poetry and prose and does artwork, so I showed him this. I do poetry, prose and artwork myself, but it runs more towards horror with elements of fantasy and other genres. You have some interesting projects. Congrats, Richard, on your achievements and best of luck! As always, a great interview, Lindsey! 🙂

  3. I definitely lean more over on the fantasy side of the genre fiction fence, and Richard’s work sounds right up my alley. I’ll have to give it a shot. Great interview, Lindsey!

  4. Great interview, Lindsey. Over at Sam’s Dot, I’ve shared a few TOCs with Richard. His writing simply resonates, stirring things inside the way only a few writers can do effectively.

  5. “As for why I kept submitting the piece to different markets, I believe in the story. I believe the story should be read. I wrote it for others to read. I came very close to giving up, but I kept submitting the story.” I know what you mean, Richard, about how you feel a story is meant to be read. I am glad you stuck with it, and glad you voiced the reality of that Siren song to give up. It’s something all writers will be faced with, and good to know that if you hang in there and keep believing, things will start to happen.

    Thanks for another wonderful interview, Lindsey!


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