9 comments on “Do you have an unfinished story?

  1. This is a great blog post and love the idea of adding authors comments to our blogs – I’ve done this over the past month and it seems to really be a great help for other writers. Great job!

    • Thanks. It was quite a task featuring several authors at once, but it was worth it to see the variation in their responses. Every writer is unique, but the advice is always the same: Keep on chugging up that hill, just like the Little Engine That Could!

    • I usually do one-on-one interviews, but everyone has enjoyed this theme question so much that I’ll definitely do another one. Best way to contact me about taking part in this project is to friend me on Facebook (Lindsey Beth Goddard).

  2. I have a few unfinished stories that I mean to go back to someday. I don’t often do that because I usually finish what I start.

    Great post. I like the different views of unfinished stories.

  3. Oh yes the story of my life. I’m stuck in a chaper right now. I think I was going gangbusters then the rejection slowed me down. I know what’s supposed to happen and the purpose but sigh it’s not going forward fast. Before I never really had a real story with a beginning and ending. Thanks for sharing these nice to know we’re all rafting down the river hooked together. 🙂

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