11 comments on “Kristopher Rufty (and an Amazon gift card giveaway!)

  1. A great interview! Kristopher Rufty Is involved in two of my favorite things. Low budget horror movies and scary books. I’m going to have to check them both out… I wish I would have gone to HorrorHound Cincinnati. I live like 10 minutes from the Sharonville Convention Center. I could have me Kristopher Rufty and Lindsey Beth Goddard 🙂

  2. Fantastic interview! Rufty is knocking other writers out of his way quickly on his climb to the top!

  3. I recently read Kristopher Ruty’s work for the first time via Last One Alive. I was immediately hooked and thought it couldn’t get any better. That was until I read Pillowface! I have never been so amazed at finding myself pulled into a story and really dreading what might happen to some of the characters!! I desperately want to see Psycho Holocaust just to “revisit” the trio of psychos. The first chance I get, I’m planning on picking up more kindle books by Rufty so I can continue my journey into the worlds of such an amazing writer!!! Rufty definitely has another fan for life! As a side note, great article, I found it really interesting and love to learn more about the process of such a talented author!

  4. I’ve read em all ‘xcept Last One Alive (haven’t had a chance yet, but I do own it already.. preordered it 🙂

    Great interview Ms. Goddard ya got some good info I liked to hear (i.e. LURKERS II! Lurkers is my fave Rufty).

  5. Good interview! I discovered this talented author not long ago and was privileged enough to meet him in Cincinnati at a Horror Hound convention and get two books signed. I’m reading all of his books that I can and I’m enjoying every one of them!

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