Frequently asked questions:

I am an author. How can I get an interview on your blog?

Honestly, the best way is to track me down on Facebook. I don’t like posting my personal email address on public websites, because my SPAM folder blew up from doing that! Just like the Author Interview Corner page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorInterviewCorner) and send me a message there.

How can I find out about upcoming contests and giveaways?

Easy! Follow the blog via email. That is the best way to stay informed. Just click the orange “Follow” button on the right-hand menu.

Will you review my book?

At this time, Author Interview Corner is an author interview blog with an occasional book review. I’m not interested in reviewing tons of books. My “To Be Read” list is already a mile long. I work part-time and have three kids. I treasure my reading time and don’t want to feel pressured to put out a review. However, you are welcome to contact me and ask if I’m interested in reviewing your book. I might say yes; I might not. If my schedule is too busy, most likely I’ll offer you an interview instead. 🙂 I will most certainly be happy to discuss it. Best way to contact me is through the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorInterviewCorner).

Do you want to swap banners / links? Do you want to be part of my blog tour?

At this time, I’m not interested in swapping banners or links with other websites. If you run a similar website, please just drop a line and ask me to follow / subscribe/ or check it out. Leave a comment anywhere on the blog; let me know about your site. I’ll be glad to visit it, and I don’t mind people sharing links in their comments.

As for blog tours, I’m not interested, strictly because I hate operating this blog on a deadline. I have enough deadlines in family life and writing.

Do you want any guest interviewers?

In the past, I have considered branching out and having guest interviewers. In the end, I decided it will just complicate things to involve a middle man. For now, I’m keeping things simple, between me and the authors.

What genres are you interested in?

All of them! I know this blog has a heavy slant towards dark fiction, but I’m open to interview queries from authors of EVERY genre!

Where can we find you on the web?

Right here>>>>>>>>> http://lindseybethgoddard.com

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